Direct Sales Technology Hosting Package

  • Do you want to look more professional?
  • Would you like a simple website address to send your clients rather than the long address like: but have the same functionality?
  • Would you like a professional email address?
With On Your Six Systems, Inc.’s direct sales technology packages, you can make a lasting impression on your clients without having to deal with the technology behind it.We offer domain name (or some times called website address) registration. You pick the domain name, and if it is available we will register and manage the technology to set this up for you. Now sites like becomes
It is easy to remember for your clients and it looks professional. It works with all known direct sales programs.

Want a matching email address too? We can do that. Now (or similar) becomes

Ready to look professional and do business with a premier IT Solutions provider? We are ready to help you succeed! Let us handle the IT, you have business to do!

To get started, send us an email at or call us at :


Package 1

Package 2

Domain Registration and Site Configuration Domain Registration, Site Configuration, AND matching Email (1GB of Storage)

$45 yearly

$4.50 monthly

$75 yearly

$7.50 monthly

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